Song Sheet

Song Sheet 5.0

Generates lyrics sheets for the user's songs
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Create, archive and share your own music sheets for the songs that you want to sing and complete them with chords that are being used. The tool includes the ability to place lyrics, chords as well as song diagrams on the same page and the capability to export the lyrics into the RTF format.

Song Sheet allows you to create lyric sheets with chord fingering diagrams. The built in text editor includes numerous tools: font colors, shading behind text (for highlighting special lyric lines) bold/italic/underline with a single button click, multiple undo/redo, left/center/right justify, left and right indents and clipboard cut/copy/paste functions. Song Sheet is also a tool for creating, modifying and saving chord fingering diagrams. Use the chords included with the program or create your own with the improved Chord Creator.

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